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Recurring patterns in journal entries

Lately I have been reading a lot of your journal entries for the past challenges and I want to make some personal comments about some recurring patterns I have noticed.

1. Some people feel guilty or ashamed for not doing a very good job with a challenge. It does no good to anyone to have these negative feelings. Instead, accept the fact, make a conscious decision to try harder the next day and start afresh. Plus, being conscious of the fact that you were unconscious is a great first step!

2. Some people quickly dismiss some of the challenges because they have already thought about that subject in the past. However, yesterday’s insight is today’s memory. It is already lifeless, devoid of any real value. Wisdom, realization is always in the present moment as a lived actuality. Empty your cup of the past and be open to whatever comes next.

3. Every challenge can be read in more than one way and different people project different meanings based on their current understanding. If the challenge seems too easy or too obvious, try to go deeper and look for a more profound interpretation. Don’t dismiss it too easily.

4. Some people complain about forgetting the challenge during the day. However, the app offers a very customizable way to set a lot of reminders and it is completely up to you to use the app in the most effective way possible. You have all the tools needed to constantly remind you of the challenge throughout the day.

All in all, I am very happy that people use the app and find it useful. The more we know ourselves the better it is for everyone and everything. Have a great conscious day!

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